"If you're looking for information on stature-challenged pachyderms, this is the publication to consult"


Dr Karl PN Shuker in Fortean Times (FT 320, November 2014):

(Full review here.)

"Congratulations on accumulating a lot of interesting
facts about elephants and how they were (and are) regarded under varying

Dr Frank Brandst├Ątter,
Director of Dortmund Zoo

This is THE natural mystery tour! If you enjoy thrillers or natural history, then this is for you. If you enjoy both, then you're getting even greater value.

Put natural history, mystery and a tour of some of the world's most remote habitats together and this is the result. Yes, it is greater than the sum of the parts and no, it's never dry.

Matt Salusbury may not (yet) have the television reputation of the great Sir David Attenborough, but this particular zoo quest (American readers: ask your great grandparents in the UK to explain the reference) is a joy...

What could, in other hands, have been a dry text condemned to sit alongside bones on laboratory shelves, gathering dust but little interest, has been transformed into what at one point reminded me of a school nature trail for seven-year-olds, but on a truly continental scale.

Expect the unexpected. This is a howdunnit, a wheredunnit and an ecological who-hid-it. As for the ending? That's a natural mystery too..."

"Adam C" on Amazon UK.

Adam C's review is also on the CFZ website , where Pygmy Elephants is at the time of writing on sale at the special offer price of a tenner.

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